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IP Trap

IP Trap is a discrete bait page (“IP Tracker” or “IP grabber”) that helps you unmask:

  • Scams on internet marketplaces;
  • Threats via email;
  • Harassment via Facebook;
  • Anonymous stalkers.

IP Trap takes just four easy steps:

  1. Open your unique bait page;
  2. Send the link 1-on-1 to the person you are trying to locate;
  3. Your stalker clicks the link;
  4. Return to your unique bait page to reveil the IP address.

Creating and trying out a free bait page is free. If somebody else visits your bait page, you can buy these details for €9,99 (PayPal or iDEAL). The only battles we are sure to lose are those we do not join 🙂